Heath Wedding Lounge

Anyone getting engaged and planning a wedding in the Bay Area? If so, you should be at the Heath Ceramics Wedding Lounge on March 21! It’s going to be a fantastic event complete with “drinks and nibbles” and some of the most amazing wedding vendors. You even get a 20% discount at the Heath store if you attend.


Some of you might wonder why I am promoting this event, and I have 3 reasons:
1. The photographer who shot my wedding, Edyta Szyszlo will be there along with two helpers–Lindsay of Lindsay Covets and myself!
2. Alison Events will be there. While I did not use Alison Events for my wedding, a long-time friend works there so I have firsthand knowledge of how great they are.
3. I am in love with Heath Ceramics. Their tile, their dishes, just everything. I also am excited because a project I worked on at my old firm is used in Heath advertisements but that’s a totally separate reason I get excited about Heath.

Discounts, drinks, munchies, wedding fun and great vendors! Enough reasons for you to be there? Come on over and join in the festivities.

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