Easter Candy


I have had a weakness for Cadbury Mini Eggs for a long, long time.  Starting with my Easter basket when I was little, then through high school when my friend Brenna and I would chow down on them during Chemistry class after lunch.  I seriously get SO excited when I see them appear in the store.  When I initially tell people of my love for these, they usually think I am referring to the eggs with the “yolk” in them–those are Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Big difference.  These little morsels of chocolate are so addictive to me and are (thankfully for my waistline) only available once a year, around Easter.

I purchased a bag the other day, had gorged myself on half the bag and then made myself stop. Yesterday in the late afternoon I suddenly remembered “I still have eggs!” I started digging in my bag and…no eggs. I messaged Brenna to tell her of my distress–I felt like an addict. I frantically had torn my bag apart looking for them and found nothing. I started to imagine that maybe I had eaten them in my sleep, because I was retracing my steps in my head from the night before and had no memory of taking the eggs out.

I got home from work and searched around the house. Still nothing. I texted Brenna, telling her the eggs were officially MIA. Then, about 20 minutes later I had a revelation and texted Brenna with the following:
“Just remembered I left them in office desk yesterday to prevent mass consumption.”

Whoops.  Apparently I hid that chocolate well.

2 thoughts on “Easter Candy

  1. it must run in the family sister, they are my easter weakness especially now that they come in dark chocolate. Mom must have indoctrinated us as kids or something.

  2. some things will never change about us, b: definitely not an addict-like passion for cadbury mini eggs! and OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD (<– elated mini freak-out moment), do they really come in dark chocolate now, too???

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