world’s best cat (litter)

So, I don’t normally talk about products, etc., but I thought I’d share today about a happy kitty litter customer experience.   We started using World’s Best Cat Litter when the boys were little (when they were old enough to get clumping litter).  It’s corn-based, natural, and overall we’re happy with it.  Recently they changed their packaging and suddenly we were having kitty tracks ALL over the house (I call them “poo paws”).  I contacted the company via twitter and asked if they changed their formula with the packaging, because we were having difficulties.  Not only did they respond immediately letting me know it was only the packaging that changed, but they asked for the batch number AND sent us a new package of litter from a new batch to compare.  I was quite impressed and pleased with the customer service–thanks, World’s Best!  You’re still the best at our house.  Stuart agrees…well, either that or he’s trying to tell us he is World’s Best Cat…

World's Best

One thought on “world’s best cat (litter)

  1. Interesting that you only found that one bag bad with kitty tracking. Where do you keep the litter box and what kind of box do you use?

    I tried WBCL several times in the past and the tracking was awful, I couldn’t stand it.

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