***quick update: I’ve had my first question! You can find it here: If I get a few more, I will compile a post of q/a. Kudos to whoever posted the first question–what a fun one!***

So, a lot of the bigger/more read bloggers are starting this formspring question thing–it allows you (the readers) to ask them (the bloggers) all sorts of questions.  I thought it would be fun to get one started on the off chance anyone had questions for me about anything–my background, my cats, my job, whatever!  I have noticed that my blog readership has grown a little lately (thank you, new and old readers! I really appreciate it!) so I wanted to give you all a chance to know me a little better.  That said, I will take this opportunity to say I LOVE comments, so feel free to leave them often–it helps me feel like I’m not just throwing thoughts out into an empty room.  Okay, back to formspring.  Rev up the question engines and ask away!  You can find the link here:

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