Last Friday I got to spend most of the day out of the office running errands for a job, which was super fun! I started out with an early morning jobsite meeting, then breakfast, then a trip to Oakland to Concreteworks, then back to the city for lunch and a quick office meeting–all with the same client.

The highlight of my day was definitely Concreteworks–I am absolutely obsessed with their work and daydream about the day when I can have some concrete in a house of my own. Anyway, here are some shots I snapped there (with their permission, of course). I didn’t go into the workshop this time, but perhaps next time I’ll take some shots out in the shop/yard…

DSC_0018their sign

DSC_0016experimental samples

DSC_0020color samples

DSC_0027board-formed concrete

DSC_0028the ceiling

DSC_0031more color samples

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