Happy Valentine’s Day!

(garland courtesy of Cynthia, a relative/close family friend)

As most people are probably well aware (and in some cases, perhaps painfully aware) it is Valentine’s day! I don’t make a big deal out of this holiday, but I do like to use it as an excuse to be thankful for the love in my life, love from my husband, family and friends. I usually at least get Brandon a card and he usually gets me some cute flowers, but this year I was a total lame wife and got him nothing. I felt even more lame when I saw this sitting on the bed:


It was the perfect honeycomb necklace from Brevity Design, the same place Brandon got my earrings a few years ago

I was beyond surprised and excited by this gift. After my repeated thank yous and my little happy dance, we stepped out for coffee at one of our favorite cafes (wearing my new necklace, of course), wandered around union square a little, and picked up some flowers. I surprised myself with my choice of flowers–purple is not one of my favorite colors, so I usually would pick a flower in any other color before choosing a purple flower. Today, however, I ran into the most beautiful indigo iris’ and couldn’t pass them by. I giggled at the flower stand, watching all the men desperately snatch up bouquets of red roses to bring home to their loved ones.


When we got back from our morning outing, we got to the romantic task of cleaning the apartment. There had been schmootz on our shower doors since we moved in, and for some reason today I got the urge to get a razor blade and scrape it off. Two shower doors, a de-mildewed ceiling, a thoroughly scrubbed shower/tub/sink/toilet/floors and 2.5 hours later, I emerged victorious over the bathroom. It hasn’t been that clean in over two years. For the rest of the day, we’ve been relaxing, watching the Olympics and hanging out with the cats. In my opinion, a successful Valentine’s day!

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