The previous post would have gotten WAY too long had I included my pictures of Claire, so I decided to dedicate one to her alone.



Claire is growing up so quickly and becoming quite the little talker. Mixed in with a lot of general “babytalk” (i.e. noises and sounds that aren’t yet words), Claire has mastered quite a few words and animal noises. Thanks to a few of her books, she knows what sounds ducks, dogs, cats, elephants, lions, monkeys, and chickens make, along with a few others. It’s quite adorable to hear her answer when you ask her what a kitty says (“meooooow”).



She also enjoys saying “hiiiiiiiiii” to everyone, as well as “snow? snow!” when she looked outside, as well as when she saw someone gearing up to go outside. She’d also say “side?” when she wanted to go out. She’s long mastered “up!” but will occasionally even add a “peease (please)”. While the process of gearing up wasn’t fun, the moment she got in the snow all her cares were forgotten. She also had a permagrin while on the sled–she would have been happy getting pulled around all day.



Claire loves singing, and getting others to sing. Sometimes she’ll start a song, prompting you to join in with her. She also liked to come over and play with my phone, pushing buttons and looking at pictures. She’d walk over and meow, indicating she wanted to see pictures of Ben and Stuart. How cute is that?



It has been such a joy to see this little girl grow and change, and I’m looking forward to meeting Jen’s next baby and seeing him/her grow and change and interact with Claire. How could I not be a proud aunt of this little face?


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