Christmas Rewind

I know that Christmas has come and gone, but I never finished my Christmas posts!  Plus, I’ll sheepishly admit I just got around to taking down our Christmas decorations today–at least I got them down before my birthday, right?

Anyway, I’ll carry on with our Portland trip.  I had really been hoping for some snow while we were up there, and the weather indulged!  We had gone to the Portland Art Museum, and while waiting for our party to reconvene, I looked out and noticed it was snowing!  Yes, indeed, I did a happy dance right there in the museum entrance–right after I ran outside into the snowflakes and twirled around a little.  It was a beautiful scene, but then we decided to pack up and head home before the roads got too messy.  It was a good thing we did, because later we watched as people unsuccessfully tried to get up the hill that Brandon’s family live on.  It snowed a good few inches by nightfall, and it was absolutely beautiful. The next morning a lot of it had melted away, but it was fun while it lasted.

**on a sidenote, we saw the China Design Now exhibition there which we really enjoyed. I notice that it just ended today, so sorry my endorsement is a little late. However, if it comes to a city near you I highly recommend it! Very interesting variety of content, and great design items, with some architecture stuff.**





The kitties had their first “experience” with snow…they actually seemed a little interested.



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