So last january I lost my bus pass holder, with  my bus pass in it, towards the beginning of the month.  That sucked, but i made it through.

Fast forward to last night.

Somehow I decided it was a good idea to put my bus pass in a card holder with my id, credit cards, etc.  I also decided it was a good idea to leave it on the bus as I rushed off–I totally spaced out, realized I was about to miss my stop and jumped up and ran off.  About halfway home, I randomly had this moment of “do I have my wallet???” and sure enough I did not.   I retraced my steps 3 times while on the phone filing a lost item report with Muni.  When I got home I filed a lost item police report and cancelled my credit/ATM cards. No word back from anyone, but I’m not holding my breath anyway.

Le sigh.  I have a history of losing things, and while I’ve gotten better I certainly still do it and it really frustrates me.  Well, I guess this is my annual reminder to pay attention…

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