catching up for christmas

I haven’t been posting, and I haven’t been taking pictures–two things that make me very sad. My excuse has been work and christmas. Truly, this month it’s been rare for me to get out of the office before 7pm, not to mention some weekends. Aside from that, I worked a lot on helping my dad with Stave Creations on Etsy–which ended up being quite successful! Add in Christmas shopping and holiday preparations, and I’ve quite a busy girl.

This year Christmas is with all the inlaws–my sister, Josh and Claire and Lola are going down to Josh’s parents, while Brandon, Ben, Stuart and I are driving up to my inlaws. To celebrate the holidays, we had a “faux” Christmas yesterday to celebrate with my family. It was a beautiful, fun day with lots of laughs. Unfortunately, I was rapidly trying to finish a knitting project and play with Claire, and therefore I barely took any pictures.  I am very disappointed with myself.




Now, along the lines of family, I have to announce that I am going to be an aunt again! Coming in late June, Jen and Josh are expecting a sibling for Claire. I’m so excited! I’ve known for a while, but we were waiting until she was through her first trimester to announce (and, uh, I had to let her announce on her blog first, of course). You can read more here: Smith Christmas Note

Overall, it’s been a very eventful time! What an exciting way to wrap up 2009.

Brandon and I leave on Christmas Eve to drive up to Portland–yes, I said driving. We are driving for two reasons–1. cost and 2. it’s pretty difficult to find a cat sitter over the holidays. I’m actually looking forward to the little road trip. We’re driving to Redding and spending the night, and then driving the rest of the way Christmas morning. We have sort of exchanged Christmas gifts already, but we’re going to have a nice evening of champagne in Redding and exchange stockings. I’ll be keeping the blog posted throughout our trip, especially since the husband was super sweet and absolutely shocked the pants off of me by getting me an iPhone for Christmas! I had no idea and was very pleasantly surprised.

Phew! This is probably one of the more text-intensive posts I’ve had in a while, but I had a lot to say!

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