wow, what a wonderful holiday weekend!  thanksgiving day was a fantastic intimate day–just my immediate family, my grandma, and dear family friends (actually the person who married brandon and me and his wife).  there was delicious food, drink, and endless entertainment courtesy of claire.  she really has come into her own since she started walking–she was so frustrated when she wasn’t mobile, so now that she is there’s no stopping her.





dad bbq’d an absolutely delicious turkey…mmm mmm goodness…mom supervised and took care of all the fixin’s.



i took some time to think about all that i am thankful for, and it was overwhelming how much there is–i’m thankful for my ever-supportive family, my amazing husband, my circle of friends who are like family, my health, the opportunities i’ve had…the list just goes on.

i am also thankful for those of you who follow this blog! i have a lot of fun posting, so it’s nice to see that people are reading…thank you so much for your loyalty.

and now i am thankful that it’s officially okay for me to start listening to christmas music! i love this time of year…

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