bad cat behavior, ep.13

so, the bathroom bandits strike again.  last time, they took a chunk out of the door.  this time, they took a chunk out of the door jamb.  and tp’d the bathroom.  and took down all the towels.   and knocked my moisturizer into the sink.  and knocked things over in the shower.  in the coler weather, the bathroom door doesn’t stick as well, and the boys get in there.  and then stu locks them in.  and then ben gets upset and tries to get out, taking half the door with him.  ai-yie-yie.  here are some pics from the aftermath–not the best pictures, but i was trying to take the pics quickly while the cats swarmed like sharks in a frenzy.


yes, those are wood shards. from our door jamb.

a picture of a wood chip in my hand for scale


the towel and tp portion of their “fun”


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