bishop allen!



so, i will admit.  this band took a little while to grow on me.  i wasn’t sure what to think, and i didn’t hear a big variety of their music.  upon more listening, this band grew and grew and grew on me.  the more you listen, and once you see them live, you realize their musicality, and how each word is extremely carefully chosen and pronounced; i think that is what struck me most at this latest concert–you watch and can tell how purposeful each word is, and i love that.


certain songs of theirs have gained a lot of significance to me, some have just really resonated with me, and some make me tap my foot and dance around in my chair at work. i just love them!




and yes, i totally was that gushy girl–the lead singer was at the merch booth during the opening acts and i stopped by and talked to him, telling him how much i enjoy their music and how much i was looking forward to the show. hopefully i didn’t sound too much like a 13 year old girl. i highly recommend giving them a try!

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