kitties and compost!

first, i’m going to start off this post with a ridiculous picture.  it’s not a great quality photo, but i think it’s a priceless capture.  get ready for a round of “ooooh stu….”


anyway, on saturday when we got back from the game, we had a little surprise in front of our door–a compost bin! you may think i’m a little nutty, but i got really really excited. san francisco is working on a zero waste program, and they most recently added a mandatory composting program. a few years ago san francisco banned plastic shopping bags and started the compost pick-up program, but only recently has it become required. the little bucket was pretty cute, and i got all giddy. tonight, before we started using it, stuart decided to check out the bin. i told brandon he was trying to compost himself…



the key is going to be to empty the bin often so it doesn’t get stinky and repulsive. other than that, i’m quite excited to start composting at home!

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