the weekend

i know i haven’t been posting much lately, and i really don’t have a good excuse as to why–it’s mainly been that work has been nutso, and i haven’t been bringing my camera with me when i’m out and about.  this post is going to be totally picture-free, sadly.

saturday morning, brandon and i went out to thrift town in the mission to pick up some last minute pieces for a mad men party we attended saturday night.  it was a gorgeous morning, and we ended up walking there and back, instead of taking public transit.  we ended up scoring what we needed, so that made the trip even better!  we also ran into some religious saints march from a church in the mission to a church 4 miles away–it was pretty cool to see.  there were literally hundreds of people (see why i was cringing that i left my camera at home?) participating in the march.

the rest of saturday was filled with general errand-running and chore-doing.  we attended a fabulous mad men party, complete with party dresses, neck scarves, pumps, suits, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more gel in the men’s hair than normal.  it was fun to see how people really got into it!  it was a very fun event, and excuse to dress up.

sunday was a little less eventful, mostly filled with chores and work, but you have to gear up for the week sometime, i guess!  hopefully i will have more to post soon–i have multiple crafts i need to finish, a couple things i just need to photograph, and i just need to bring my camera places!  this coming week is brandon and my 2 year wedding anniversary, so i’ll at least have to post something for that!

2 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. Well I thought Friday was pretty awesome. A Beautiful day in SF, lunch with your sister, niece, friend and brother in law…well, it ranked on my favs for the weekend.

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