hardly strictly bluegrass

so last year at hardly strictly bluegrass, i got to see ben kweller.  i was equally excited this year to see okkervil river at the festival.  this is an amazing event–it takes place in golden gate park and is free. the two years i have attended, the weather has been absolutely perfect.  sunny, not too warm, but not chilly by any means.


we arrived early and stopped to eat the sandwiches we had brought, but i knew there was one food item i would have purchase at the festival–grilled corn.  mmmmmmmmmm.  i seriously could eat artichokes and corn all day every day.


after our lunch, we headed to the stage where okkervil was going to play, but the previous act was still playing. turns out we stumbled upon one of the more anticipated moments of the weekend–while watching buddy miller (i, um, had never heard of him), first emmylou harris made a surprise a appearance to sing a few songs, followed by robert plant. the crowd was quite excited for these two guests…


after buddy miller it was time okkervil river. of course i had to wedge my way to the front (there actually wasn’t much competition for the front at the time). they played an amazing set, even despite the technical difficulties (including the lead singer’s microphone stand collapsing multiple times–he kept singing right on through).



all in all, it was a fabulous date day with brandon. the bus ride back was not so pleasant (try being on a bus with people who are trying to get somewhere at a certain time –eh hem take a cab–, people leaving hardly strictly bluegrass, and people trying to get to lovefest, most of whom were drunk/drinking). we made it safely home and just had a relaxing evening. all in all, a great day!

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