happy founder’s day!

foundit’s that time of year again–the day we celebrate the birthday of ben and stuart!  just to recap, they were found by my brother-in-law in a creekbed in a pile of trash under a mattress.  because of this, we don’t know their exact date of birth, but we do know the day they were found and so we celebrate this.  last year i went all out for their celebration, custom making them toys, but this year i have to admit founders day snuck up on me.

anyway, just wanted to take a moment to say happy founders day to my two wild and crazy boys!  the picture is of them two years ago today, the day they were found.  that’s stu on top and ben underneath.  i can’t believe they went from like 4oz to 14lbs!

3 thoughts on “happy founder’s day!

  1. um, it breaks my heart that two kitties can somehow end up alone in a creekbed, but knowing they found a great home with you guys is more than enough consolation!

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