stitching stuart

so yesterday i posted about how naughty the kitties can be–in fact, this morning brandon had to get up early to go to the airport for his day trip to LA for work.  about an hour after he left i heard some scratch scratch scratching at the door, went to the bathroom and found the cats in there.  again.  trash dumped over, and this time the toilet paper roll became a victim.  anyone need a zombie costume for halloween?

anyway, it might be hard to imagine why i still love these kittes so much when they can be so so bad.  well, here’s a sample of why–i mean, how can you resist this fella?



and the title of the post came from the following:


he was snuggling with my awesome stitch book i picked up at powell’s last christmas. i had it on the couch to help me out with the embroidery project i’m working on (i’ll post that when i’m done with it), and when i came back to the couch after getting something, stuart had claimed the book as his snuggle buddy.

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