i raced!

so this morning was the komen race for the cure.  i didn’t take any pictures because, well, it’s sort of hard to run with a clunky camera, and brandon was sweet enough to run with me for support, but this meant there was no one to hold onto the camera for me while we ran.

anyway, it was a very inspirational event.  they have pink racing bibs and shirts for cancer survivors, so it is very obvious who has had the disease.  on top of that, almost everyone had “in memory of” or “in celebration of” lists pinned onto themselves.  groups had shirts, costumes, you name it.  i was happy and honored to be part of an event for such a worthy cause–it definitely inspired me to seek out more events like this one.  i highly recommend it for people in other cities, and in the future!  they have these races all over the nation, and i believe even all over the world!  you don’t have to be a runner either–it’s very walking friendly, and they even have a 1 mile fun run in case you aren’t up to the 3.1 miles.

thanks to everyone who supported me–i really appreciate it!

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