cuddle bugs

it’s been a little bit since we’ve had some good old fashioned snuggle kitty photos, and just the other day i caught some good ones.

the first few weren’t the best photos, but the cats were being so cute! brandon tucked them in for a nice evening nap…



and here’s stu, wallowing on the couch



wouldn’t guess from these photos that this bad boy is probably weighing in around 14lbs these days, would you?

One thought on “cuddle bugs

  1. I love your kitties! I wish mine would snuggle together like that- its so rare when they do, i don’t even remember when i was able to capture in a photo. When I had a litter of kittens (rescued from a garbage bin, not from my older cat, Stella) I loved so much watching them cuddling, spooning, being irresistable. I had to give 3out of 4 of them away- the saddest day of my year. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I enjoy seeing your photos and your beautiful blog and its clever name 🙂

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