mystery SOLVED.

so, a few weeks ago upon doing a thorough cleaning of our apartment, i started discover these little…well, things.  little roundish black things.  concentrated in areas that the cats lay (mostly our bed and the couch).  i immediately freaked out and thought serious bug infestation and went on a cleaning rampage.  i vaccuumed twice, washed all our slip covers, stripped the bed, etc., but i found no other evidence of these “bugs.”  i googled to see if i could discover what it was and what came up?  bed bugs.  eeeeew.  then i REALLY freaked out and desperately searched the apartment, but when i got into things we had none of the symptoms–no little spots on our sheets, no bites, nothing.

i was uneasy, but decided that it wasn’t bed bugs.  we flea combed the cats with no results.  they seemed to go away for a little while, but sure enough they would come back.  it’d find a few, sometimes more but i just couldn’t figure it out.  i kept telling my mom “they look like seeds, but i have no idea where those would be coming from!”  the cats weren’t behaving strangely, didn’t seem itchy, etc.  i didn’t really talk about it with people because i was embarassed that maybe we did have a bug infestation, but i was pretty confident that it wasn’t one, especially because i wasn’t being bit–and those who know me know that if someone is going to be bit by a bug, it’s going to be me.  many times.

fast forward to last night.  i come home and notice, as usual, polly is on the bed.  you might remember polly from a while back, seen here with stu

i also noticed there were these mystery things around polly. when i picked polly up i noticed she was a little threadbare on her sides. i then remembered that polly has a velcro tummy where delicious catnip packets are stored. upon opening her up i realized YES! polly was the culprit! her little catnip packets apparently included some sort of catnip seed or something and indeed we do not have bugs, but seeds! i cannot tell you the sense of relief i had.

the funniest part is that the cats rarely play with polly when we’re home–in fact, the only sign that she gets moved around is that almost every day when we get home from work, she’s on our bed like a prize brought to us by the boys. now judging from her wear and tear, as well as her little seed trail i know she gets a lot of love when we aren’t home!

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