washington dc, day seven

i was really sad when the last day of our trip arrived–i definitely was not ready to come back. i was having so much fun exploring this new city, and luckily our flight left late enough in the day that we had time for one last adventure. we got up semi-early, said goodbye to meredith (so sad!) and then started off on our trek. we had wanted to see national cathedral, and had also heard that embassy row was very cool, so we decided to make a walk of it.


we grabbed some coffee on the way and then walked up through all the embassies, past the naval observatory and over to national cathedral. the cathedral is gigantic and took 83 years to build. i didn’t realize before going there that it had only been finished i think in 1990–crazy recent! we didn’t have much time in the nave of the church due to a memorial that was about to take place, but we did wander around the grounds and the lower level a bit.



we decided to metro back for time and feet saving reasons (good choice!) and then we stopped by meredith’s place to grab our stuff, let mabel out one last time and then head on our way to national airport.




all in all, an incredible trip. can’t wait to go back!

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