claire is rapidly approaching her first birthday, and none of us can believe it. she’s really developing into quite the little person (yes, i realize this is what babies do) and it’s very amazing/amusing to watch. she’s crawling, but only interested in it because it gets her to a place where she can pull herself up to walk around (holding onto things). seems she takes after her auntie b–this girl seems to be a bit cautious. she could totally be walking, but she’s just afraid to let go.


the cheeks are still there and squishably cute. the addition to the smile, as shown in the first picture, is her teeth. they make her look so grown up!


she seems to be getting over her stranger anxiety, and had a lot of interest in her uncle brandon over the weekend. well, interest in that she kept staring at him. she is such a little muffin, motoring around the apartment, exploring things.


she also had quite the interest in my knitting stitches book–think maybe we have a future knitter on our hands?

now, you might be wondering why this little smooshiepants was hanging out at my apartment? you will find out very very soon…and it’s a very exciting reason!

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