washington dc, day two

washington dc, day two. we started our day of trekking off with a tour of the capitol building. you can’t wander the building freely as you could pre-9/11, but you can get a tour by booking online. you get to see the rotunda, the old house of representatives, the old supreme court, and sometimes the old senate (apparently it’s only open a few times a year, and we were there during one of those times). you also watch a short 15 minute film that was surprisingly interesting–much better than what i was expecting.


after the capitol, we took the underground passage to the national archives, where we poked around a little bit before heading back outside to take a look at the supreme court–we got a peek inside the chambers, and wandered around the building a little bit.





from there we went to union station to poke around a little bit…



after grabbing some lunch, we were going to head to the national archives, but got distracted on the way by the east gallery of the national gallery, designed by i.m. pei. we hadn’t really heard much about it, so it was a nice surprise to “stumble upon” (i say that in quotes due to the fact that it is hard to “stumble upon” a building of that size) the beautiful gallery. we spent some time in there, just taking in the space and perusing the art.




those of you who know me well know that i hate socks and i really don’t like shoes that much–if it were safe and sanitary, i’d much rather go barefoot. that said, you can imagine my pure delight at a little phenomenon we stumbled upon in the sculpture garden–it was totally socially acceptable (and popular!) to sit on the edge of the large fountain and soak your feet. especially after a long few days of walking, it was a total score for me. we then had a double score when we realized there was live music and beverages in the sculpture garden on friday nights–hello, new favorite past time of sketching while sipping wine and listening to music!



after our little fountain sketch fest, we ventured home from another full day in dc.

dc day two

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