so, i interrupt my dc series with a brief story about the crazy thunder/lightning storm that occured early this morning.  i was awake due to a mild case of insomnia when suddenly i saw a flash.  at first i thought i imagined it but then i heard a distant rumble.  then lightning lightning lightning, thunder, and repeat.  for hours.  it was super foggy, so when i could actually see a lightning bolt (instead of the fog just lighting up) i knew the storm was very close.  i have definitely never experienced a storm like that in san francisco, and perhaps in the bay area period.  the amount of lightning and duration of the storm was ridiculous.

i love electrical storms, but i also get a little anxious/jittery, especially when they’re directly overhead.  this morning i was half awake when i heard a BOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOoooooM followed by just about every car alarm on the block instantaneously going off.  because the thunder clap was so long and intense and i was half asleep (as in our building shook, the windows rattled, the cats darted under the bed and were jumpy for the next 2 hours) i honestly thought we were being bombed.  like, i had a mini freak out.  my mind was put to ease when no cacophany  of sirens followed but i was still quite shaken.  turns out lightning struck a transformer only a mile away with that big boom.  here is a link to a video that captures pretty much exactly what i experienced:

thunder in san francisco

the strangest part?  brandon looked outside and said there were people walking down the street that didn’t even appear to flinch at such a large boom–as in they had no reaction.  i probably would have screamed and run for cover, but that’s just me.

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