where have i been?

so, i haven’t been blogging this week.  i have no other defense other than being totally busy and sick–and i haven’t been taking my camera around.

so, last week i woke up on monday night feeling really really really sick.  i spent some time every hour for about 5 hours in the bathroom throwing up.  fun, right?  poor brandon was in the middle of a big crunch at work, so i felt awful for keeping him up.  turns out it actually wasn’t really me keeping him up–the cats would wait outside the bathroom, and then when i came out, stu would run ahead and go poke brandon and wake him up, alerting him of my return.  sweet intentions from the kitty, but not so great for brandon.  i obviously missed work on tuesday (i did go to the doctor, got some meds, i am fine now).

this day off work came at an inconvenient time–brandon and i leave this coming wednesday for washington dc to visit one of my good friends from high school.  neither of us have every been, so we’re really excited!  we’ll be gone a week, but we both have a lot to get done at work before we go.  needless to say between my illness, deadlines, and preparing for vacation, we’ve been busy!

we did get to have some fun in all of this–we went to the giants game on friday in the midst of a total fluke heat wave–i was the happiest clam ever.  shorts and a tank top through the end of the game?  yes please! and tonight we had a lovely glass of wine with a friend from college and her husband.  it was nice to change pace on a week night and catch up with a dear old friend with some good conversation.

anyway, that’s where i’ve been lately.  laying low, working, getting things ready for vacation.  can’t wait!  be prepared for a lot of pictures from dc!

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