bad cat behavior, ep.11 [suitcase stu]

so, i don’t have a picture of the actual bad cat behavior because i’m in bed trying to sleep when it happens, and usually quite cranky on top of that.  when brandon and i are not up in time for ben’s taste, he finds things that he knows will get our attention.

it used to be the picture above our bed–it’d bat at it, pull it away from the wall, slide it along the wall, etc., until i took the picture down.  mr. too-clever-kitty, however, is always up for a challenge.  it only took him a few days to discover a new “neat trick.”

while laying in bed i hear “BANG.  BANG.  BANG” and open my eyes to see ben attempting to open my wardrobe.  the first time i tried to ignore him, but watched to see if he was actually going to open it.  while he didn’t really open it, he did succeed in opening it enough to sneak in–he pulled the door out with his paw, stuck his head in, and then slipped the rest of the way in.  i laughed to myself and thought “ha! serves him right” because he had gotten in a smaller compartment area and closed my eyes again, waiting for the cries to get out.  instead i hear “BANG. BANG. BANG” again and look and out slithers ben.

whew.  that was an unnecessarily long description, but it was all building up to the following photo.

when ben starts banging the wardrobe, i get up and throw this suitcase in front of it. stuart, always the opportunist, automatically assumed we had put the suitcase there specifically as a pedestal for him to lay on, just like everything we have in our apartment.
DSC_0010ooooh stu.

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