so, i got a new lens for my camera so i’ve been playing around with it.  i caught the boys the other day in the afternoon sun…

ben, looking angelic

stuart with his girlfriend

staring at the wall

and stuart trying to take off with my eraser while i worked at home

stay tuned for pictures from the weekend in tahoe! lots of claire, of course…

3 thoughts on “close-ups

  1. ben and stuart are just sooooooo cute!
    just curious – how did you decide on bengals? i’m looking to add a new cat into my furry family at home and i’m having so many problems deciding which breed! i want them all lol

  2. Bella – these guys look just like my kitties, and they’re good old tabbies!

    nothing fancy like bangals! mine were also rescued when they were little kittens. my recommendation is to head to your local shelter or check for the closest rescue organization and save some kittens that need homes!

    • i agree, melanie! these actually were rescue cats–my brother-in-law found them at 3 weeks old in a creek bed, in a pile of trash under a mattress. i am a huge advocate for adopting/rescuing pets–i am also a huge advocate of adopting adult cats, because they are always the ones that get left at the shelter. had my brother-in-law not found these punkins, we would have had an adult cat from our local shelter

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