saturday get-together

on saturday, some old friends and i gathered for a little lunch to catch up on the years gone by. these are people i have known for a very long time–including a friend from pre-school, a friend from elementary school, and a friend from middle school. we used to hang out all the time, and then i went to a private high school and they continued at the public high school. though we kept in touch through high school, pretty much once college hit i lost most contact with all of them. it was so great to see them all again and chat! hopefully this will become a more frequent occurance. jaina (elementary school friend) and jill (pre-school friend) are in the area, so it should be easy to see them–we have no excuse. elizabeth, on the other hand, is living in miami and will be globe-trotting quite a bit because she is engaged to a military man.

thanks to jaina for hosting in her beautiful home! it felt so “grown up” of us–especially with jaina’s adorable 6 month old in tow.

and before anyone asks or wonders, i am not pregnant–the way i am standing in this dress just makes it appear otherwise.
jaina and elizabeth


jaina and “will the chill”

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