san francisco half marathon

this weekend brandon and i ran the san francisco half marathon (the first half), along with katie, tati, and josh. this time i had about 1/4 the training but double the fun! first off, not running in 85 degree heat makes a world of difference. also, i put time pressures on myself last time. this time my goal was just to have fun and finish, and both goals were accomplished!

on saturday night we met up with katie and her family for dinner, which was really fun. we were able to relax and release some pre-race jitters.

sunday morning came reeeally early, but i couldn’t really sleep anyway. we got up and walked to the start line (which acted as our warmup) and then it was our turn to start. tati’s parents were ready at the start line to take pictures and send us on our way. thanks to the morales’ for the following pics!

here we are beforehand:

and after:
still smiling, just a little less fresh

tati and i just past the finish line, congratulating each other:

overall it was a fantastic day. brandon and i met up with katie and her family later to recap on how the race went and to hang out. i’m so proud of everyone!

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