canine friends

so normally it’s just my two kitties featured on the blog from the animal kingdom, with an occasional appearance of the lovely lola. on monday i was hanging out with tati at her parents’ house, so we got to hang out with some canine pals. without further delay, let me introduce my two friends: mccovey and gizmo.

first up, mccovey. he was found in the desert as a teeny pup and rescued by an organization, where tati found him. they think he’s mostly australian cattle dog with perhaps a side of border collie and who knows what else.


these poses weren’t on purpose from my end–as soon as mccovey saw the camera he laid down and rolled on his back. silly goose!

gizmo is also a shelter dog, and no one really knows what he is. the general consensus is that he is part saluki, part who knows what. i call him michael bolton, due to his blonde “mullet.”



both dogs are super sweet and enjoyed posing for pictures. i love those pups!

One thought on “canine friends

  1. My babies!
    Look at those eyes and that smile. They are such hams when the camera is out.
    side not: McCovey’s new collar fits perfectly!

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