long sigh

well, i popped open my laptop at the end of a fantastic day with the intention of blogging about this last weekend and my fantastic day. when i went on facebook, however, i began seeing messages from my friends that were startling and depressing. things like “stunned” and “can’t believe it’s true” and “r.i.p danny.” from the group of people it was, i began to get an unsettling feeling. that “oh my gosh i think i know who they’re talking about” feeling. and yes, it’s true. it seems that a friend from college passed away in a car crash this morning. while i hadn’t really talked to him much since college, we shared many good memories.

obviously, i no longer feel like blogging about my weekend/day right now. i promise i will. for now, hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, and say a little prayer for danny’s family and friends…

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