claire time

on saturday, josh left to climb mount shasta, so brandon and i went to hang out with jen, then watch claire while jen had a work function.  ooooooh that smooshie baby! i love her so much.  first off, it was like 95 degrees so i was super happy.  we even took claire in the pool for a little bit before her afternoon nap.  just around the time claire woke up for her nap, jen left, so i was on mom duty.


it went great.  right from the get go when i got claire up, she was totally fine with me; however, if i left the room she immediately burst into tears.  she wanted to be by auntie b’s side at all times.  brandon, claire, lola and i played for a little while, walked around, went and got food, played some more, and then went for another walk around crabby time (claire wanted to be moving.  sitting around was not on her agenda).



what a little ball of fun!  we got a big dose of her “owl” (where she says whooooooooooooooooooooo, whoooooooooooooo), smiles, and cuddles.  such a little lovebug!  we were sitting on the couch and she reached for my lap, then put her head on my chest and “hugged” me.


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