a few things…

a few things to mention today:

1.  it’s july 21.  this may be obvious, but no one has informed the weather.  okay, YES this is san francisco but i’m still going to complain.  i mean, i am wearing a scarf.  and no, not a cute summer scarf–i’m wearing a full on winter warm cozy scarf.

2.  the bus had the HEATER on last night and this morning–and it was much needed.

3.  i really hate san francisco “summer” weather.  it makes me crabby and sad.

that’s all…my next post will be happy and perky–i promise.

One thought on “a few things…

  1. you should come visit! it’s hotter than…insert favorite heat related metaphor here. or maybe that is just my little bungalow. xoxo

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