paris 2004

so today marks 5 years from one of the most special, magical days of my life.  after almost one year in paris, today marks the anniversary of my last night there.  i spent some time debating how i wanted to spend that evening, and i’m so glad i chose what i did. after a day of wandering around my favorite city, brandon and i had a picnic on pont des arts, the only pedestrian bridge.

paris rewind_01

i can’t even emphasize how special this night was. we just got some meat, cheese, bread and wine from the grocery store and went and claimed a spot on the bridge. it was a very warm evening, so there were a lot of people doing the same thing. we were able to sit and watch the sun go down on my special city, and my special time i was privileged enough to spend there. i’m so fortunate to have spent that evening with brandon.

paris rewind_02

there were this italian family with two little boys running around and being ridiculously cute. i will never forget the perfection of the moment–gorgeous sunset, amazing city, warm weather, the sound of laughing children, everyone just enjoying the moment and not worrying about anything else.

paris rewind_03

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