dance dance dance

so, i absolutely love dance.  it’s the artform that brings me to tears, really gets inside me.  i grew up doing irish dance, and i’ve had an appreciation for dance my entire life.  this leads to why i absolutely adore so you think you can dance (the fox tv show).  i’ve only watched this season and last season from start to finish, but wow do i love this show.  last season i absolutely fell in love with a routine, and i’ve been waiting for one to touch me like that one did.  well, last night delivered.  the routine is choreographed by mia michaels.  mia said this is about addiction–the girl represents the addict and the boy is the drug.  SUCH a powerful dance!

in case you wanted to see the other routine that i love, here it is–it’s about a husband who puts work before his wife and she’s telling him not to go.  sorry, video quality isn’t the best.

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