8 months


i can’t believe this muffin is already 8 months old. i love this baby so much! she’s such a little joy and blessing. i got to spend saturday with claire, josh, jen, my parents and brandon for my dad’s birthday and boy did we have a lovely time, although as you can see most of the time i was distracted by the baby.


she’s not crawling yet, but she gets close. she also is all excited to stand up and take a few steps–with help, of course.


as you can see in this picture, claire’s hair is finally becoming apparent…


she likes drinking water out of a straw, although she makes a funny face and ends up with half of it down the front of her…


she also loves animal. if you saw the gecko video on my sister’s blog, you could get a taste of that. at my parent’s house, she saw miss kitty and giggled and smiled and tried to move towards her however she could–looks like she takes after her dad’s affinity for animals (that’s what she’s doing in this photo–going for miss kitty)!


i love spending time with claire, and thankfully she enjoys me (so far). i got in the car on saturday when we got picked up from bart, and claire got a big grin on her face. i was able to walk around the store with her away from my sister and she was fine (i even caught her smiling at little boys in the shampoo aisle). i can’t believe 8 months have already gone by! i can’t wait until i see this little pumpkin next!

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