the weekend (so far)

so far, this has been quite a lovely weekend. it started out with a baseball game on friday night in amazing seats (they were given to me), and then followed up with a drink with kelly and shane, who are in town for the weekend. it was great to catch up with old, dear friends!

today was the great urban race, that josh and brandon participated in.
great urban race
it’s basically a scavenger hunt/race throughout the city–like the amazing race, but only in one city, not all over the world. brandon and josh had a great time, but are now absolutely exhausted. while the boys were racing, my sister and i were on internet duty to help the boys decipher some clues. we also had entertainment in the form of claire while we waited…today she ate some carrots for us, and we giggled at the faces she made
claire elizabeth
claire elizabeth
claire elizabeth
after the time with claire and jen, i headed up to the orbit room for birthday mojitos for sara’s birthday. YUM!

4 thoughts on “the weekend (so far)

  1. Hi Emma,

    Sounds like you had an ok time. You should check out High Trek Adventure. We have 2 races in the Bay Area:

    1. SF July 25
    2. EB August 29

    Dallas from The Amazing Race season 13 will be racing. So you’d better bone up! 🙂

    Check us out at!


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