no, not marathon

i wanted to start this by saying no, i’m not running a marathon, just for clarity. however, in a moment of clouded judgement or insanity or something, i decided to sign up for the san francisco half marathon this summer.

this means yet again training begins. i’ve taken the few weeks sort of off, although recently i have become addicted to spinning. next week, however, “vacation” is over, and i’m back on the training schedule. i go back and forth between excitement and “oh my gosh what am i doing” as the pain of the last half creeps into my mind. my comforting thought? the fact that, seeing as it starts around 6am in san francisco, the chance of me having to deal with 85 degree heat is slim to none. i’m half sort of in shock and nervous that i signed up, but excited at the same time. july 26, here i come! luckily i have my training buddy again…thanks brandon!

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