it’s that time again!


for some of you it’s probably been too long, for others maybe not long enough, but i decided it was time for some more ben and stu. i feel these lil guys have been neglected on here, though just from a lack of me taking time to photograph them–not for a lack of them being naughty and cute. anyway, today started out with me babysitting my boss’ daughter so he could take his wife out to a nice mother’s day brunch (i was at work on saturday, he had mentioned they hadn’t found a babysitter and i volunteered since i did my mother’s day thing yesterday). after that i went to work for a few hours, then headed home. i stopped at the pet store and picked up a new toy for the boys, and then photographed them as they played with it. ooooh silly ben and stuart.
first, i’ll start with what brandon and i have dubbed stuart’s “senior portrait”

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