nyc 09, day 3

day 3, easter sunday! claire slept in a little bit, so my sister and i sent my mom and grandma on their way to mass (so they could get a seat). jen, claire and i joined shortly after and stood at the back of saint patrick’s cathedral (you know, easy exit in case of baby meltdown).

after easter mass (and after we worked out our communication mix-up of where everyone was), we headed up to the east side for easter brunch. we were going to eat somewhere else, but that didn’t work out so i introduced the family to le pain quotidien, home of that amazing brownie i had on the day i got there. i had the vegan six vegetable quiche–it was AMAZING.

we then wandered into central park to take in some spring and sunshine.



we then walked through times square (well, after a quick stop in starbucks for some hot cocoa–it was COLD! i also had a reality check–the employee went in the bathroom to restock the t.p. and pointed out that someone had been snorting in the bathroom. he was even kind enough to show me the signs that indicated this activity. there’s a small gap in photos for this period of time because i was holding a sleeping baby…i’m not complaining.

after times square we wandered over to bryant park to soak in the sun, rest our feet, and give claire some time to kick her legs around.
mom, on the phone with uncle peter


claire also got her first carousel ride. it was perfect–the carousel was playing french music! claire enjoyed herself, as did grandma and jen.



after our exciting day, claire got a bath at the hotel. boy, does that girl like to kick!


i love this baby, can you tell?

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