pippy & timmy break

so, i have become flickr friends with someone in rome–our common bond is our pair of ridiculous kitties. a few of these latest antics are just too good to pass up–i had to post. countering ben and stu, let me introduce a pair of beautiful orange sisters, pippy and timmy!

first, we have timmy-in-a-box
Three year guarantee....
pair in a pair…who knew kitties liked skinny jeans!
Skinny jeans look good on cats....
My new slippers....
for this next one, you have to click on the photo and see the second picture…ooooh silly kitties!
Lesson #23 - How to pass each other on a skinny window sill....
last but not least, pippy the musical kitty! first, her singing debut
and then a little air piano!
The Pianist....

thanks to pippy & timmy’s mom for giving me permission to post her adorable girls! it definitely brightens my day to see new pictures of them…what cuties! brandon even asked me the other day if i secretly wished that i had pippy and timmy because i’m always showing him their pictures…teehee…i told him there’s no way i would give up ben and stu, but they are awfully cute!

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