nyc 09, day 1

new york, day 1. i started out in sfo on thursday night. my flight was supposed to leave at 10:50pm, but due to our plane being late, we did not take off until after midnight. yay delayed red-eye!
after my arrival, i dropped my bags off at the hotel and headed to my go-to meal place, le pain quotidien. i adore this place and have gone every time i go to new york. apparently they have them in la and other places too, but they have not graced san francisco with their presence. i will wait patiently…i had a seat in the little back sunroom area, and this was my view looking up
after my healthy meal of vegetable soup, i decided to indulge in the most amazing brownie i’ve ever had in my life. turns out the secret is that there is barely any flour in these, so they are pure decadent goodness.
i only ate half there, but after frustration at my room not being ready an hour after they said it would be, jetlag/frustration/pure exhaustion got the best of me and i consumed the other half. YUM.

anyway, after le pain i decided to wander back to the hotel. i had my laptop with me and was just too tired to try and walk around more. on my way back i took a moment to appreciate what has to be one of my favorite things about new york in spring–the bulb flowers EVERYWHERE.
anyway, eventually everyone arrived safely to the hotel. after a “comedy” of errors (not so funny when you’re overtired) we eventually settled down. i couldn’t wait to give claire her easter present, so she got an early visit from the easter bunny–a knitted bunny rattle. she seemed to enjoy it (she’s in a phase where she likes to wave things around, especially if they flap or make noise)

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