in ny

well, i made it safely AND found free wifi in our hotel lobby–double yay! my flight last night took off about 1h30 late (leaving at 12:20am instead of 10:50pm, but that wasn’t overly horrible.

now i have to wait to check in, so i’m off to explore the city a little bit (unfortunately laptop in tow for me), but i’ll certainly be back later to update! i can’t wait to see claire in the city.

and for the excitement of the day…two things.
1. apparently (i guess i was asleep) some guy got drunk and unruly on the plane. when we went to deboard, they held us all while the cops came to escort him off. whoops! i did actually notice him when he got on–he seemed slightly aggressive and cranky when trying to find a spot for his luggage overhead.

2. the twa terminal! last time brandon and i were here, we were hoping to catch a glimpse and failed miserably. it’s going through repairs currently, so you can’t go in it but the jetblue terminal is right next to it, so when i was heading to airtrain i saw it! yay!!!
twa terminal

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