nat’s bridal shower

whoooops…when i went to type the title of this post, i wrote baby shower. luckily, i fixed this…no need to start rumors! natalie’s BRIDAL shower was this weekend, and boy was it beautiful! it was held at metro lafayette, which had amazing food and a great environment! i highly recommend–i would love to go back sometime.

anyway, it was a gorgeous sunny (slightly breezy–yay allergies) day with lots of beautiful ladies and a relaxed, fun time. i cannot emphasize how great it has been to hang out with the high school girls–we’ve now seen each other three weekends in a row! i love spending time with this wonderful group. again, i am so fortunate to have them!




all-in-all, a perfect day (minus the sunburn on, eh hem, one side of my nose only. luckily it has faded away today)

unfortunately i had to miss joanne’s engagement party with the girls today in order to get some things done before new york, but i hear it was lovely! halfway through my crazy 6 weeks, only 1 trip to ny, 1 half marathon and 1 wedding left!

One thought on “nat’s bridal shower

  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to spend time with and catch up with old friends. It’s always great to come back, recount stories from ages ago and laugh about it! You’re very lucky to have these people!

    The shower looked beautiful! Great pictures!

    I’m looking forward to things calming down between us both. I miss seeing you, Bri-bri!

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