farm fresh


so after chatting about it this weekend with my friend natalie, i was convinced that i should sign up for farm fresh to you. it’s a company that delivers a variety of usda certified organic fruits and vegetables to your doorstep (or, um, your office’s doorstep if you have a gate like we do). what i like about this service? it’s reasonably priced, gives recipes with the produce, it’s going to force me to expand my cooking repetoire (and get out of our 5 meal rut we’re in), and will force us to eat more fruits and veggies–not to mention the benefits of eating organic. it’s also extremely customizable. want all veggies? done! all fruits? done! only local? done! every other week/3 weeks/once a month? done! we started at one box every three weeks–this will give us an opportunity to test out the service, and see what we think will be a reasonable delivery schedule without wasting. they apparently post what will be in the box on the friday before your delivery, and you can email or call in to change out an item if you don’t like it. i can’t wait for our first delivery! here’s to healthier cooking!

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