happy birthday, brandon!

sufficient to say march 24-25 is an emotional roller coaster in our household. poor brandon gets a depressed wife the day before his birthday, but i always perk right back up to celebrate him. i try and look at both days as a celebration of life, but march 24 will always be difficult.
anyhoo, first off happy birthday, husband! i’ll save all the gushy stuff to say to him in person, but i’d just like to say how incredibly glad i am to have him in my life. he’s such a rock for me, and he keeps me sane. we decided to keep it low-key, because he’s been working on an architectural competition and i’ve been busy getting ready for vegas so we’re both exhausted. i got him his favorite cupcake from the place down the street from my office (that takes the cake)–it’s a cupcake filled with peach cobbler, but i’m mad because his present didn’t arrive in time, and it’s my fault. i put the wrong sf zip code. i put my home zip with my office address…whooooops. at least he got a cupcake, right?
also happy today, flowers from tati arrived! i’ll take better pictures in natural light tomorrow, but this is what i snapped tonight. she meant them to arrive yesterday (we had the fortune of living together when we went through the loss of stacy, so we have an extra bond when it comes to that) but ups can’t leave stuff at my house because they can’t get in our lobby. i was THRILLED to see they have a feature where you can request a different delivery address online. it says ‘in close proximity’ but i chanced it and put my work address–they arrived! they are a gorgeous mix of bright pink, pink/orange, and orangey/peach roses. it got a little awkward at work to explain why i had flowers, but for the most part i avoided the conversation. one person, however, pestered me until i spilled it. it’s not that i mind talking about it–in fact, i don’t mind at all. i typically just feel bad for the person who asked–it’s never what they expect and usually makes them feel awkward. oh well! i love my flowers.

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