go ducks!

so the oregon ducks is really the one sports team that brandon cares about. well, i should say he cares about their sports teams, plural. anyway, i had experimented the other day and came up with a knitted reusable coffee sleeve, in order to stop using a new paper/cardboard one every day. how green of me, right? it stemmed from me collecting the sleeves on my desk and realizing just how many i go through.

anyway, i asked brandon if he’d use one, and he said if it was a ducks one, he would–thus the challenge was on. here’s what i came up with, and i’m pretty happy with the result, if i do say so myself. the hunt for the “perfect” yarn colors was NOT easy, and it took a couple tries but it was worth it in the end.


3 thoughts on “go ducks!

  1. Ok, that made me laugh. It’s green and funny! That is true love. I wonder how many of those coffee sleeves are used in the USA in one day. (Not to mention the cups….)

  2. you are suck a good wifey 🙂 do i smell a new etsy product?? they are in style these reusable items…

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