bad cat behavior, ep.6

bad cat behavior, ep.6
this sock pictured above started out behind that door at the end of the hall…in a clothes hamper. ben and stuart have a newly discovered affinity for wool socks. like, an obsessive affinity. as in i bury a pair of socks in the dirty clothes hamper and by morning they are strewn about the apartment.

now, random fact about me, i don’t like wearing socks most of the time (or shoes for that matter, if i had a choice) so it’s only on very cold days that i end up wearing socks. this means the wool socks haven’t had much time out, but lately these cats can’t get enough. it started when we got back from tahoe and brandon dumped out our suitcase. both socks in my pair got “stolen.” i put them in the hamper, under other things, and by morning they were back out. i wore another pair of wool socks, and again….put them in the hamper, and while we’re watching tv i see ben run by, sock in mouth.
bad cat behavior, ep.6
pretty much every day this week we come home to socks somewhere in the apartment.

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