how many is too many?

so, i follow a bunch of blogs on google reader (which, by the way, is fantastic. i highly recommend if you are a blog follower). now i’m getting to the point–how many is too many? every blog seems to bring up an interesting feature from ANOTHER blog, and quickly your blog list grows and grows…it’s impossible to absorb everything and see everything, but how do you say enough? i’m sure a couple people i know (natalie and my sister) would quickly volunteer that having children would answer this question for me, but until that point i guess i’ll struggle to find the balance of the blogs….

One thought on “how many is too many?

  1. i’m in the same boat…i’ve actually started to consider if a blog posts TOO many times a day that they are off…
    but then i find myself spending hours catching up on their blog because i can’t.let.go.

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